Shannon Chapman

Neo-soul vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Shannon Chapman is fresh off the release of her debut single, What You Do (Maisonneuve Music). Solo, she crafts a raw and intimate performance featuring lush jazz harmony, relateable lyrics, and singable melody reminiscent of her influences Moonchild and Steely Dan. With band, Shannon has the freedom to express herself on additional woodwinds, laying down those bouncy, head-bobbing horn lines. She writes about love, hindsight, self-contemplation and breaking bad habits.


Raised in small-town Manitoba, highlights of her young career include opening for her musical idols Moonchild in 2017, and a glowing review of her single by Come Here Floyd ("Brings the 90's hip-hop/R&B like it's never left... so very delicious to listen to... demure and sweet voice..."). Honesty and vulnerability are an essential part of Shannon's creative practice. 

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Nov 10 - w/ Brent Miller LIVE - The Lodzer Centre - Private Event
Nov 15 - w/ Groove Marmalade Trio - 255 By Alta Rossa
Dec 3 - w/ the Mega City Swing Band - Sunnybrook Hospital
Dec 10 - w/ the Mega City Swing Band - The Duke Live
Dec 12 - w/ the Mega City Swing Band - Delmanor Wynford
Dec 20 - w/ the Mega City Swing Band - Presentation Manor

jan 28 - w/ the Mega City Swing Band - The Duke Live

Spending Winter 2018 in creation mode :)