A neo-soul vocalist & multi-instrumentalist embarking on her career as a solo artist, Toronto-based Shannon Chapman’s debut single What You Do is out now!

Shannon’s brand of neo-soul features lush & satisfying jazz harmony, relateable lyrics and head-bobbing horn lines reminiscent of her influences Steely Dan, Moonchild, and Icelandic soul group Moses Hightower. Bringing vocals, keys and woodwinds, Shannon makes smooth, melancholy and refreshing soul centered on themes of love, hindsight, self-contemplation and breaking bad habits. Honesty and vulnerability are an essential part of Shannon's practice.

“Shannon Chapman brings the 90’s hip-hop/R&B like it’s never left. And her biggest (so far) contribution is to make that sound updated and so very delicious to listen to... demure and sweet voice...” - Come Here Floyd

After opening for the smooth & hypnotic LA neo-soul trio Moonchild with her band at The Drake Underground on June 4, 2017, Shannon has focused her efforts on writing and self-producing her solo releases in partnership with Maisonneuve Music.

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