The Big Move / by Shannon Chapman

Dear friends,

I’ll cut right to the chase – I moved to Toronto! I’m so excited to begin this new chapter in my life and career. And speaking of career, I’m looking for work! If you or anyone you know needs to hire a musician in any capacity, please check out this brief rundown of my skills and the work I’m looking for, and then check out my full CV at the bottom of my Bio page.

I am a trained music performer and educator looking for paid performance, teaching, and studio opportunities in Toronto. I am a singer and saxophonist, and also play a bit of flute, piano, and auxiliary percussion.

- Master's degree in jazz saxophone performance from the Brandon University School of Music (MB)

- Eight years of educating experience (university lectures and ensembles, private lessons, clinics, music camps)

- Varied performance background (14-piece Latin orchestra, big band, small jazz groups, R&B/funk groups, pit bands)

- Able to sing in French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

- Excellent ear, good transcription/arranging skills

- Well-versed in rehearsal etiquette, good communication and inter-personal skills

- Performed at Jaymz Bee's One-Stop Vocal Jazz Safari in February 2015

- Located in Bloordale

Looking for work teaching, performing and recording in ANY of these areas!