First Post of the New Year! / by Shannon Chapman

Hello, and Happy New Year to my fans, friends and family!

I think we're all ready to move on from 2016 - not that it was a particularly bad year for me. It's just that I am so full of optimism regarding the Shannon Chapman Band and the year ahead - I think 2017 will be a big year for me and my music!

Upcoming shows:

Jan 21 @ Annette Studios - as much a social gathering and meeting of the minds as it is a show, the monthly arts showcase at Annette Studios features a jazz jam, a night of visual arts, and a band night. The Shannon Chapman Band is returning to our birthplace almost one year later, alongside Toronto bands Luma, longtime co-host Kori Kameda and the Volume Academy, and new host Alex McCulloch and her band.

Feb 11 @ Orchard Bar - we keep returning to Orchard Bar because we keep having such a great time there! Low-key and relaxed, we like to try out new tunes and have friends join us onstage to elevate the experience.

Mar 11 @ The Paddock Tavern - we are teaming up with Toronto rock & soul band Sister Strange to put together an exciting show for your viewing pleasure! Venue and additional acts will be announced soon.