Lesson Philosophy

Shannon offers flexible lesson plans tailored to her students' unique needs and goals. She places a lot of emphasis on building strong technique and practice ethic alongside helping students to discover their own musical voices and explore their interests. As a pedagogue, Shannon draws from her 15 years of experience as a performer and from her many (and ongoing) years as a student learning from her professors and mentors. 

Shannon's past teaching experience includes one-on-one lessons through the Eckhardt-Gramatté Conservatory of Music, the Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre, and Firefly Music Lessons, several years of middle and high school band and saxophone clinics, as well as teaching Jazz Aural and Keyboard Skills, Saxophone Pedagogy and Small Jazz Group at the Brandon University School of Music.

Shannon teaches within the City of Toronto. Please contact her directly for more info, locations, and rates at shannonrchapman@hotmail.com


Lessons with Shannon can include a number of varied topics. 

Instrumental and vocal technique,  self-care for musicians,  motivation and goal-setting,  instrument maintenance,  good practice ethic,  music history, music theory,  repertoire,  style,  improvisation, songwriting,  composition,  transcription,  learning by ear,  musicianship,  standard performance practices,  rehearsal etiquette,  common language of music,  and more.   


Shannon's educational background and professional focus is in saxophone, piano, voice, and flute. It is mostly for these instruments that Shannon has developed her pedagogical approach in regards to her students' relationship to, and technique on, their instrument. 

However, Shannon will happily accept students with a strong foundation of technique on other instruments who are wishing to explore other topics such as theory, composition, or improvisation.


Session Work

Shannon particularly enjoys the challenge and process of session work. Whether you're a songwriter needing a lead vocal for a demo, a vocalist looking for backup vocals, or a band needing a saxophone solo or horn arrangement, Shannon is happy to jump in and play your music or work with you to create the elements you need.

Composition, Arranging & Chart Writing

Through her time as a performer, Shannon has transcribed and arranged a large number of jazz, funk, pop, soul, and classic tunes, which can be purchased in lead sheet format. Shannon can also be hired to write charts and arrangements for bands, whether you need a cover song lifted note-for-note, want an original song expanded into a dynamic arrangement, or need your rough demo translated into written music. 

Contact Shannon about her services at shannonrchapman@hotmail.com